Church Security

Active Shooter Screen copyWhy is The 3D Church providing this training?

The 3D Church is bringing awareness to the church’s response expectation towards critical incidents. This training will address specific best practices to safeguard against potential fatalities surrounding a mass shooting or other critical incident. There is no imminent threat that has been identified.

Will this training involve the participants shooting guns?

No. Participants will not practice shooting any firearms. This training is designed for defensive tactics for preventing fatalities.

Do I need to carry a weapon in church?

No. It is a personal decision to carry a weapon. Remember to followall applicable laws in governance of your right to carry. We ask that all official partners of The 3D Church who decide to bring a weapon to church make the leadership team aware so that documentation of your right to carry is noted for our personal records. (This is not a requirement)

Does The 3D Church have a critical response team?

Yes. The 3D Church CARE Team (Care, Assess, Refer and Educate) is being formulated. The team will be comprised of leaders from various backgrounds that are trained to respond in time of crisis. This team will meet to discuss any disruptive behavior reports and to be sure the Church’s security is up to standard.

Does The 3D Church have a crisis communication plan?

Yes. The 3D Church has several methods of mass communication to ensure warnings and alerts are communicated as fast as possible for emergencies that may affect the public’s safety. These mediums include emergency text message, broadcast e-mail, broadcast voicemail, social media pages and the church’s website (

Is any additional information or training available?

Yes. We have note taking and reinforcement slides that will be available on our website under the church security tab that may be viewed or printed perpetually.

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